silver lake

silver lake


1034co (Profile)
Chiptune and fledgling visual artist.


a new stereophonic sound spectacular (Profile)
A fansite about the Japanese pop group Pizzicato Five.
Aether Fountains (Profile)
Ambient electronic and vaporwave music producer.
apostrophi works (Profile)
Chiptune songs for the maintainer’s personal project, OTHERWORLD, plus UTAU covers.
Astro's Sound Hell (Profile)
The work of Astro, a Russian DIY electronica musician under the aliases of various fictional characters.


bluef00t (Profile)
Robotics major and TMBG fan. Traditional art and plenty of blinkies lying around.
beanboy (Profile)
Seattle experimental electronica musician and animator.


coffinrise (Profile)
Some music reviews and ambient music from the maintainer.


Collective list of indie (mostly punk) bands and related things such as venues, labels, etc.
D-M Adventure (Profile)
A text adventure with a page for the maintainer's musical coding endeavors.


Everything (Profile)
An Oregon-based variety show featuring "music, comedy and absurdity" from a variety of performers.


GFRIEND (Profile)
A Spanish fansite for the K-pop girl group GFriend.
girlandqueerbands (Profile)
A frequently updated listing of woman or queer-fronted punk bands.


hdlove (Profile)
Fansite for British singer Hannah Diamond.
hosma (Profile)
European and his noisy guitar.
hosma hosma 2


Ja Zoo (Profile)
Fansite for Japanese musician Hideto Matsumoto/hide.
Jowie Schulner (Profile)
Artist dealing in dreamwave music.
Jerry Lehr (Profile)
The personal site of Jerry Lehr, the man who soundtracked the indie game Project Warlock.
jlehr jlehr2 jlehr3 jlehr4


l n n y + f r n d s (Profile)
Short and sweet Bitsy games, with equally adorable electronic music.
LOOΠΔ/universe (Profile)
Fansite for the K-pop girl group LOOΠΔ.


Malice Meezer (Profile)
Partially ironic, partially serious fansite for the K-rock visual kei groups, Malice Mizer and Lareine.
massachusettspunkflyers (Profile)
Listings of punk gigs happening in Massachusetts, and as the name suggests, scans of their flyers.
momoland (Profile)
Site about the K-pop girl group Momoland.
machetona (Profile)
Mexican girl with a taste for post-punk and music videos.
machetona machetona 2 machetona 3
Mind Waltz Records (Profile)
Netlabel focused on IDM/Braindance music.
Art and Neil Cicierega gushing.
mystsaphyr (Profile)
Independant desktop musician, artist and frequent user of VOCALOID and UTAU software.


nagato (Profile)
Anime song ratings, rated 0-6 stars.
Night City (Profile)
A small selection of photography, music, and a handful of other things, including terrariums.
Night City


Ochi-2002gutz (Profile)
Abstract comics, art and synthpop, often featuring an ethereal atmosphere and nonhuman characters.
Ochi-2002gutz Ochi-2002gutz 2 Ochi-2002gutz 3


PeaceB (Profile)
Fansite for the Korean solo artist BoA.
PotassiumMCR (Profile)
Personal site, often about music the maintainer is into.


Renn's Hideout (Profile)
Tracker music and homebrew software.
rowantone (Profile)
Site of a queer music enthusiast, complete with small concept albums and plenty of experimentation.


saikai (Profile)
J-rock fansite, focusing especially on visual kei groups
Discography and tour dates of a hardcore punk band from London and Oxford.
shintoo (Profile)
Lo-fi music producer.
skolskoly (Profile)
Electronic music, also featuring articles and tips on music production.
Snack Pack Records (Profile)
Independent experimental music label out of Santa Rosa.
Schrödinger's Cat Music (Profile)
Creative Commons netlabel specializing in neofolk and lo-fi music.


the 1980 underground (Profile)
Something or another to do with 1980s indie music.
The Sheep Portal (Profile)
Arizona-based fan of anime and noisy music.
trapped (Profile)
Personal site with some bits about acid house, post-punk, shoegaze, and other similar genres.
trapped trapped 2
The Royal Duke Hotel (Profile)
Sydney, Australia-based garage rock and post-punk outfit.
Tyler's Art Web (Profile)
Very bubbly, cartoony digital and traditional art. The maintainer is also a pianist and "music developer".
The Calamity (Profile)
Wolverhampton, UK based lo-fi folk-pop outfit.