silicon valley

silicon valley


A Beginner's Guide to HTML and CSS (Profile)
Beginner friendly guide to the basics of HTML and CSS.
acvarial (Profile)
Russian language site about ‘old style’ pixel icons, with plenty of love for Web 1.0 and what once was.
Ad Block Bar (Profile)
A small script that prompts visitors to install an ad blocker in the case that they are not using one.
Ake's corner (Profile)
Ake's website, home to various JavaScript projects.
ake ake 2
A.N. Lucas' Web Lounge (Profile)
Links, GIFs, and an especially large collection of 88x31 buttons.
Arav's dwelling (Profile)
Hobbyist programmer and Tor relay operator.
AutoSite (Profile)
A manual for AutoSite, a templating engine for Python 3.


Boops TC Pages (Profile)
Premade tournament-style website layouts.
builderof (Profile)
A tutorial for Three.js, used to create and display 3D graphics on a web page.


CerebralDatabank (Profile)
A maze of games, trivia, and interactive web experiments.
CivilServant (Profile)
Behavioral research into the social aspects of the internet.


Dig Deeper (Profile)
Articles on software and cybersecurity, especially regarding privacy.


edlinfan (Profile)
Daily updated news aggregator collecting links relating to computer security, space exploration, science fiction, and related topics.
EGGRAMEN (Profile)
An expansive selection of free-to-use templates designed for neocities, alongside self-made conlangs, a shrine to Jade from Homestuck and a short horror twine about caves.
elementz (Profile)
Javascript and web experiments from the desk of elementz.
elementz elementz
Element CSS (Profile)
A CSS framework that defines custom HTML elements for ease of site design.


gato salchicha (Profile)
Isometric pixel-style website. Features an expansive pixel collection and a rhombille tiling background generator.
gato salchicha
GIFYPET (Profile)
A customizable virtual pet service that you can embed right onto your site.
googol (Profile)
A small handful of coding experiments including Neolink, a service for neocities sites to advertise their site for free via an embeddable 300x250px square “ad”.
GrindrMap (Profile)
Timeline of events from 2014, in which Grindr users in anti-gay countries had their locations exposed to the world.
Ground Floor (Profile)
A starter kit for the styling and design of Neocities sites, in case the maintainer wishes not to write their own stylesheet.


hosted fonts by tentacool (Profile)
A collection of handwriting and artistic fonts for use with HTML5 websites.
HeboCon SF (Profile)
The home page for a San Francisco-based competition centered around battling "crappy robots". Worth it for the video.


Ikewise Online (Profile)
The site of Ikewise, who does various web design experiments.
ikewise ikewise
Isaac Lewis (Profile)
Portfolio and CV of a freelance web developer and "aspiring Renaissance man".


jackomix (Profile)
Experimental programming and markup languages with some games scattered in between.
joppiesaus (Profile)
Joppie's code experiments, recipes, and paintings.
joppiesaus joppiesaus
Just Geocities Graphics (Profile)
Vintage Geocities GIFs and images.


Kyle Drake (Profile)
The creator of Neocities.


lolwut (Profile)
Musings on a wide variety of topics including 4chan, YouTube and assorted video games.


mace486 (Profile)
A few simple programs and some dark, greyscale art.
makz web (Profile)
Japanese translations and interactive HTML tutorials.
Melonking (Profile)
Home base for Melonking, the creator of GIFYPET.
minerobber (Profile)
Tinkerer and hobbyist currently working on neowiki.
Mr. Doob's Three.js sketches (Profile)
A variety of wobbly meshes made with the Javascript library three.js.


NewsCure (Profile)
Tech news aggregator in English and French.
novov (Profile)
Pixel font maker and heraldry enthusiast, plus the host of virtual art gallery for you to explore.


Huge but unsorted link directory, featuring over 650 websites the owner thinks are cool. View links at your own risk.
Project2 (Profile)
Two guys, one website, and a whole lot more than two projects.
Productive Rage (Profile)
Technical rants about coding languages and frameworks.


QBMikeHawk (Profile)
QBasic games and file format specifications.


Renn's Hideout (Profile)
Tracker music and homebrew software.
ReeEra (Profile)
A now-inactive aggregator of users banned from the infamous ResetEra forums.
Robert 'prino' Prins (Profile)
Dutch world-record hitchhiker computer engineer who produced a short film called North.


shishka (Profile)
A selection of web graphics, with a focus on anime and videogames.
Silverfishe (Profile)
Art and WebGL experiments.
snooper (Profile)
Owner of peelo paalu, their personal website features multiple free template for simple websites and a directory of their external web projects.
soupault (Profile)
Static website management tool with a few other uses.
soykaf (Profile)
Small programming blog.
Spyware Watchdog (Profile)
Articles chronicling ways programs track and collect user's data. Take the classification with a pinch of salt.
Spyware Watchdog
Status Checker (Profile)
Page ran by Neocities staff to monitor the performance of the site. Contains debugging information which may be of interest to some.
substack (Profile)
Pseudonymous coder and tinkerer currently living off-grid.
Subtle Matt's (Profile)
Personal site featuring coding experiments and rocketry.
StartHere (Profile)
A set of links to popular websites of various categories, meant to be used as a start page for a browser.


Taklow Kernewek (Profile)
Maps of Cornwall and language processing tools for Cornish.
Website templates, designed for those starting out with Neocities.
templaterr templaterr
Terribleideas (Profile)
Dreadful ideas for native HTML tags, in honor of <blink>.
The Horror GIF Necronomicon (Profile)
A large collection of horror and Halloween-themed GIFs.
The Neocities RSS Guide (Profile)
A simple guide on how to add an RSS Feed to your site.
This Could Be Better (Profile)
Companion site for Wordpress blog of the same name, hosts many programs from it.
Three Dollar Quill (Profile)
Microblogs about tech and coding. Updates daily.
The 10 Megabyte Manifesto (Profile)
A read about how size limitations shouldn't prevent compelling web design. Outdated (written before the 1GB bump and folders), but still informative.


Wastebin (Profile)
Quake fan and conlang (spoken and programming) enthusiast.
wastebin wastebin 2 wastebin 3 wastebin 4
Web-Site-Ring (Profile)
A list of old websites and Bible verses, updated daily.
Wired Realms (Profile)
A gallery of 3D and WebVR experiences. A good browser and computer is highly recommended.
Windows XP Tour (Profile)
A HTML5 version of the non-interactive Windows XP tour.
Woah Pixels (Profile)
A blog about design and productivity in the digital age.
WSMZ (Profile)
Creator and maintainer of Bannerlink, a service for neocities sites to advertise their site for free via an embeddable 468x60px banner “ad”.


Yudosai (Profile)
Newark based programmer.
yudosai yudosai 2