botany4u (Profile)
Botany readings and education, derived from a textbook authored by the site's owner.


Chronology of Publications on Scientology (Profile)
A detailed, annotated timeline of research and publications relating to scientology.
CivilServant (Profile)
Behavioral research into the social aspects of the internet.


Days of Pride (Profile)
An archive of information related to the Croatian War of Independence.
Dave Green (Profile)
Astrophysicist and amateur cricket player.


edlinfan (Profile)
Daily updated news aggregator collecting links relating to computer security, space exploration, science fiction, and related topics.


Flux Particle Theory 101 (Profile)
Impressively thorough site on Flux Particle Theory by James Clifford Cranwell.
free media alliance (Profile)
A library of software, essays, and media under free content licenses.


GrindrMap (Profile)
Timeline of events from 2014, in which Grindr users in anti-gay countries had their locations exposed to the world.


Halloween Ideas (Profile)
The history of Halloween, with many suggestions for games and tricks to play, plus music and movies to enjoy.
Historical Games (Profile)
A look at the games people have played throughout history.
How To Become An Angel (Profile)
Sweet/Old School lolita collector. The site showcases their coords (both real and fictional) and includes a guide on identifying lolita fashion via the tags.
How To Become An Angel


I Hate Carpet (Profile)
A plea to abandon the use of carpets. Features a long list of reference links and blogs against carpet.


Jack Spratt's Vietnam Experience (Profile)
Retellings of a veteran's time spent overseas during the Vietnam War.
JPB's Personal Home Page (Profile)
Personal site of a plant biology academic, featuring photography and links to his other websites.


A very large and detailed site about various American football leagues, both domestic and international.


NewsCure (Profile)
Tech news aggregator in English and French.


Oblivion - Signs of the Times (Profile)
A large amount of resources and information concerning emergency prepping.


Police Manuals (Profile)
A directory of US police procedures and policies.
plasmawiz (Profile)
Australian bio student and aspiring paleontologist with some essays and reading material on the topic.


Socialist Studies (Profile)
An archive of a socialist periodical named Socialist Studies. Editions date back to 1991, with many being transferred online for the first time.
sustainable melbourne buildings (Profile)
A discussion of how cities can be designed to be more sustainable for the future.


The Scorpio Page (Profile)
Everything you would want to know about the astrological sign Scorpio.
Transhumanism in Media (Profile)
An analysis of how transhumanism is portrayed in the media.
Telescuff (Profile)
Movie rental and TV show popularity data, scraped from the web.
The Desmond Archives (Profile)
Tracking the Desmond family lineage.
That 1 Archive (Profile)
An archive of historical and government documents often related to matters of national security and intelligence.


When I Was a Child In Ferrol, Spain (Profile)
A very personal retelling of the maintainer's childhood in Ferrol under the control of Franciso Franco.