♛ RX Queen ♕ (Profile)
Extensive gushing about assorted interests, varying from video games and music to tv shows, astrology and even toys they liked as a child.
rxqueen rxqueen rxqueen
2Bit (Profile)
Site dedicated to the Game Boy and other devices with very limited color support.
43719x (Profile)
Sonic the Hedgehog fanartist with a fondness for drawing girls.
#sugarfreegamer (Profile)
A blog focusing on strategy and tabletop gaming, with plenty to read all around.
[M]inetest Builder (Profile)
Small fansite for the C++ Minecraft clone Minetest.


Abandoned Pixelz Universe (Profile)
Petz 4 musings, breedfiles, hexies and links, alongside some Furcadia OCs and some Nokia Series 80 info and pixel art.
Abandoned Pixelz Universe
Akselmo (Profile)
Finnish indie game dev.
al037245 (Profile)
A Spanish fansite for the indie roguelike The Binding of Isaac.
Arc Symphony (Profile)
A fake fansite created to promote the game Arc Symphony, even featuring an archive of fake fanfiction.


BAD_DEATH (Profile)
A Petz 4 site, showing off the owner's Petz and sharing resources for the ones they've made.
BunnyMnemonic (Profile)
In-browser version of the dice game Pig.
BUGSITE (Profile)
Fansite for the obscure monster-collecting RPG, Network Adventure Bugsite. The owner aims to document what makes it great, hoping "it'll eventually find new life nearly 20 years after its release."


Command Block Newcomer's Manual (Profile)
Chinese site dedicated to Minecraft's command blocks, including works made with them.
Celestial Delirium (Profile)
Artist of many mediums and RPG Maker gamedev. Features a page on their upcoming game Revellie and a gallery of both 2D and 3D art, including physical crafts and pixel art.
Celestial Delirium
coolreece (Profile)
Lego enthusiast with a guide on how to have the ultimate Bionicle Birthday Bash.
A small web shine dedicated to the strategy RPG Final Fantasy Tactics. Features plenty of fanfiction and some art.
Coterie Craft (Profile)
Resource packs that aim to either subtly enhance the look of Minecraft or massively overhaul it.
Club Nintendo Archives (Profile)
Documents the European Club Nintendo magazine that ran in the early 90s.
CodeMiners (Profile)
Teaching coding and graphic design using an open-source Minecraft clone, Minetest.
cookie planet cattery (Profile)
Petz 4 fansite, includes custom content for the game.
cookie planet cattery


DANiLANDiA (Profile)
Surreal artwork exploring the gaudy, fleshy, grotesque and campy. Also featuring two experimental video games- a digital gallery preserving a deceased artist's work, and a collage of a visiting cat named Baby Kitty.
disc-content (Profile)
Nostalgia-fueled PS1 fansite, with many articles gushing about what makes its games so special to them.
Distant Skies (Profile)
A fansite for the Crystalis NES game.
Dragon Quest (Profile)
An interactive parody of Dragon Quest, an RPG for the NES.


EAWHS - European Air War Help Site (Profile)
Help site for European Air War, a flight simulator game.
edam (Profile)
Homebrew games for the old Atari 8-bit computers and consoles of the era.
Emilie M. Reed (Profile)
Writing by a PhD student specialising in video games and their artistry.
Emma Daues (Profile)
Portfolio of Emma Daues, Bitsy and Twine game maker.
Emophecy (Profile)
A daily-updating emoji fortune teller. Each fortune is unique to the viewer, and refreshes at midnight.


FloppyJay3000 (Profile)
GIFS and games.
FROG QUEST! (Profile)
A browser adventure game, where you are a broke student who needs to retrieve a frog.


Games And More! (Profile)
Javascript game projects and tinkering.


Hi-Five Soup! (Profile)
Experimental artist and toy collector, with a few music-related shrines.
Historical Games (Profile)
A look at the games people have played throughout history.
Harlowe 3.0.1 manual (Profile)
A manual for Harlowe, the default language used for Twine games.
Heaven-Sent (Profile)
Petz 4 fansite with "adoptable" pets.


IceQuake (Profile)
Computer and FPS games from around the turn of the millennium.
INDIE (Profile)
A beginner's guide and history lesson on indie games.


jackomix (Profile)
Experimental programming and markup languages with some games scattered in between.
javasnake (Profile)
Many variations of Nokia's Snake, playable in browser.
Jerry Lehr (Profile)
The personal site of Jerry Lehr, the man who soundtracked the indie game Project Warlock.
jlehr jlehr2 jlehr3 jlehr4


Kirby's Dream Site (Profile)
A shrine to Kirby, complete with GIFs.
Kiss or Gossip (Profile)
Fansite dedicated to Gossip Girl: Party ~Style your Love~, an otome game which closed in 2016.
Kratzen (Profile)
A now-defunct and indie game review site.


LazerSoft Reversi (Profile)
Hosts an in-browser game of Reversi. Has its own AI editor.
LearnChess (Profile)
Site centred around teaching chess, with various resources.
lolwut (Profile)
Musings on a wide variety of topics including 4chan, YouTube and assorted video games.
l n n y + f r n d s (Profile)
Short and sweet Bitsy games, with equally adorable electronic music.


M0R1BUND (Profile)
Desert-themed art, mostly from their projects, Moribund and Those Who Went Missing. Also features The Elder Scrolls fanart. (Profile)
Site recording the owner's merchandise collection ofBuzzwole, an ultra beast from the series Pokémon.
Miki's Otome Oasis (Profile)
Otome game enthusiast and manga translator.
Momwolf's Den (Profile)
Game developer who favours the medium of 'weird RPGs'.
Mtk (Profile)
Comics and custom Thief levels from the maintainer of the Black Fog zine.
My Own Universe in Internet (Profile)
Browser games created by the maintainer.
MyPuzzleSite (Profile)
Informational site dedicated to Rubik's cube-type puzzles and their derivatives.

N (Profile)
Site recording the owner's merchandise collection ofDunsparce, a small, snake-like Pokémon.


OnionRoom (Profile)
Anime reviews, a personal blog and fanshrines for Friday Night Funkin’, Postal 2 and Rhythm Heaven, wrapped in a 2000s internet-culture inspired layout.
OnionRoom OnionRoom 2
OWLMAN (Profile)
Articles on a huge variety of topics, alongside DOOM WADS and reviews.
Owlman Owlman


PlainChess (Profile)
Browser-based chess game. (Offline play only)
Pokemon Type Chart (Profile)
An interactive chart showing the effectiveness balances between different types in the Pokémon games.
Pokéclicker (Profile)
Pokémon-themed incremental idle game.
Penelope Evans (Profile)
Website of Penelope Evans, co-developer of Arc Symphony, writer and artist.


QBMikeHawk (Profile)
QBasic games and file format specifications.


rainmirage (Profile)
Short games in a variety of mediums including twine, bitsy and ren’py. Common themes include lesbians and capitalism.
Rondo of Swords Wiki (Profile)
A fansite for Rondo of Swords, a tactical RPG. The website is available in both English and Japanese. Features item, skills and place catalogs and localisation comparison.


Sckewi's Site (Profile)
Home of EasyDex Crystal and an ongoing Pokémon Stadium playthrough.
Slitherlink (Profile)
In-browser version of Slitherlink, a logic based puzzle, with many options.
spider zone (Profile)
Visit the spider zone and take a look at a selection of small games, art commissions, and more.
spdrcstl (Profile)
Portfolio of an indie game developer, writer and musician. Frequent user of twine and bitsy, with a lean towards queer themes.
spoiled (Profile)
In-browser game about an infection plaguing the city and a short horror animation, both with a simple binary-tool style.
Station Square (Profile)
Sonic the Hedgehog fansite with lots of SonTails shipping.
suppilulemur (Profile)
An HTML5 Sokoban game.
SuperCupcakeTactics (Profile)
A very loud, vaporwave-styled site featuring, among other things, Doom WADs and worldbuilding.


The Gorkhon Archives (Profile)
An expansive fansite dedicated to the Pathologic game series, featuring but not restricted to development history, essays, soundtracks and the owner’s fan content.
The Labyrinth of Yggdrasil (Profile)
Fansite dedicated to the dungeon-crawler RPG series Etrian Odyssey, featuring tables of items and monsters.
The Yoshi Clubhouse (Profile)
A cheery and bright fansite for Yoshi and friends.
Toaster Games (Profile)
A directory of games that will run on low-spec computer hardware.


A compendium of surreal horror, mostly games, but also featuring other neocities and videos. Many entries have sub-pages with extensive personal thoughts and interpretations.