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districts is a site directory created on Neocities for Neocities, aiming to make finding sites relevant to your interests easier. We sort sites into different categories, which sum up either the topic of the site or the interests of the person behind it.

Sites are listed alongside their buttons if they have any, and can be sorted into up to two districts. If a site would fit in more than two districts, we choose which to put it in based on what features most heavily on the site.

We do not inherently condone or agree with the opinions displayed on any site listed, and do not take responsibility for the content of any site besides our own. Downloads are at your own risk. We have no affiliation with Neocities itself, and do not have any affiliation with any other Neocities site.

Our site mascot, Pippin


— How do I get onto districts?

Seeking sites is something we do from time to time by ourselves. We'll search site tags, go through the global updates, and look through anything that finds its way across our feed. You're more than welcome to ask us about getting on the site, or suggest sites you think deserve to be added, though!

— Are there any requirements for getting on districts?

Not officially, no; though we do have some level of standards in that we don't add sites that have say, one or two mostly empty pages. We also do not add sites which only act as about pages.

Putting a district button on your site before we actually add you does not guarantee you will get onto the listings.

— Are there any things which will disqualify you from getting on districts?

We don't have many restrictions, but there are some, besides the usual reasons like lack of content –

— What is Purgatory actually for, anyway?

Purgatory is a weird district in that it represents multiple things. These are just some of the reasons why a site may be added to Purgatory –

Due to not engaging much with the community on here, I rarely add sites on the basis of point 2. But you're free to suggest sites which may qualify!

— When will I get on the site/how often do you update?

We update when we update! We don't have an official schedule or anything of the sort.

— Will you add any more districts/a district for XYZ?

Currently we are not looking to open any more districts. We create districts on a 'need' basis, and find that for now the districts we already have cover the topics featured in the sites we have listed.

— Is there a districts discord server?

No; at least, not officially. We don't have the time or desire to maintain a discord and do not plan to create one at any point. You're free to make and join your own districts-focused servers, but we will not advertise them, take part in them or recognize them as an official server.